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      Samir Shah

      I’ve seen the P1 youtube carb rebuild video.

      – What exactly is popoff pressure, and what does it do?

      – For a faster engine, do  you want it to be higher or lower? Or is there more to this decision?

      – If the arm is higher than the piston floor, is that good or bad? The arm in one of my carbs is level, and the other one is higher.

      – Will squeezing the spring bring the arm down, or so I need to bend the arm if I want to lower it?

      Thanks, Samir.

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      Walt Gifford

      You want the arm to be slightly above the channel. You have to bend the arm. if the arm is too low it will restrict fuel flow. Set the arm first then do the pop off.

      Pop off, low pop will not hurt you, pop that is too high will restrict fuel flow. If you find you’re sluggish coming off of tight turns and can’t seem to dial it out with the needles you would try a higher pop off.


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      Samir Shah

      Still having carb problems, and attendent lack of power, and have learned how to service the carb. Discovered that the screw holding the pivot arm in the carb was stripped, and loosening up – it was a US size – 40 something – so I tapped the hole with a 3mm tap, and used a 3mm screw, and that is fixed now.

      I found this document on EC’s website, that I think is very valuable. Thought I would share it. If you page, has information on HL carb blueprinting as well.


      I need to get my son to reach over and adjust the carb while he is driving. The problem is that the seat is too far forward, given his 5 ft height.


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