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      Samir Shah

      I am trying to rebuild the carb on my son’s Leopard. The carb repair kit seems to be missing the top ring, which is crumbling on my carb. Any thoughts on substitutes that can be found at a hardware store?

      Also, where do I get a thin wall 5/16 socket to remove the inlet seat? Can I skip this step in the service, or is it necessary?

      Thanks, Samir.


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      Walt Gifford

      The top gasket can be had at most small engine repair places. I like the cork ones, the rubber ones seem to shrink and I’ve made ones out of gasket paper that leak pretty good. Check for cracks in the plastic cap right under the fuel nipple. I would leave the needle seat in there. All this time in karting I don’t think I ever pulled one out.


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      Fred Robertson

      Kits are super cheap on ebay and have everything you need:


      Excellent how to vid:

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      Samir Shah
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      Samir Shah

      Where do you get the red handle low speed needle that is the P1 video? Mine is just a screw and impossible to adjust while in the kart.

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