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    How hard can it be to attach an airbox to a Leopard? My airbox keeps coming off my Leopard. I have used 3-4 different styles of hose clamp. Too loose and the airbox falls off. Too tight and the clamp breaks. In every case the airbox is very secure in the pits. I have tried nylon ties in addition to the clamp. I have strapped the airbox to the chassis with bungee cords and nylon ties. Maybe I should drill some holes and use bead locks! :-) I know this isn’t rocket science but I am willing to swallow some pride in order to eliminate this recurring issue from my track days. Most karts in the pits just use a hose clamp. No tether, no problems. FYI: I am using the stock filter cup with a raised ridge ro flange at the open end.

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    Clark Gaynor Sr.

    Clean everything before you mount it.  The cup, and inside and out of the rubber boot.  Isopropyl alcohol, acetone or even brake clean works well.  Pivot the actual airbox around on the boot until it touches the seat or something.  That will prevent it from vibrating around unsupported.

    That should do it,

    Clark Sr.

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    Tim Koyen

    In addition to cleaning it as mentioned above, I zip tie mine to the frame using the little tab on the underside of the box.

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    Greg Wright

    RLV makes a nice airbox support, end of problem.

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    Carl Beavers

    Use a decent airbox support, problem solved.

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    Jim Russell, Jr

    Make sure you are actually getting the clamp over the filter cup. You can get it too far too the back then it slips off the back side of the cup and loses tension and off comes the box.

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