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      Timothy Strawkas

      Ive always had this problem at my local track (midstatekart club).

      4cycle class, laydown chassis (multiple ones).  Its just the fast long banked Monza turn, Ill break it into 4 segments.

      first 1/4 of turn kart turns in great and starts to run what I call free after it starts to take its “set” on turn in.

      2/4 it starts to loosen up to much.

      3/4 kart bites straight and kills some momentum

      4/4 kart is A “tight condition” of sorts as the turn widens out.

      I can adjust my racing line lower on entry then what everyone else is and the problem is gone, but it kills the exit speed just about the same. Going in higher isn’t fast and handles the same as the normal line.

      I can adjust this out by the “Ackerman”  but then it hurts some of my other corners down.

      I’m not asking to fix the problem cause I just need more laps and time to figure A setting out. But what I’m trying to understand is the whole sudden grab of traction in mid corner. If its as simple as tire deflection/slip angle giving out maybe. But the way the weight loading feels, its not A different transfer of weight at the moment its grabbing.

      I have hard time putting to keyboard what I’m thinking but maybe you understand. Just thinking out loud for reactions on this one.

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      Ric mcDade


      your inside rear is staying up a tad too long, letting the kart get free, and when it finally comes dn, you have the push. Try an axle stiffener first, it’s the easiest way, at least for me.

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      Gary Lawson

      Sounds like you may be hitting a concrete patch or something high grip mid corner that pulls the engine down?

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      Timothy Strawkas

      Yes Gary, the texture of the track changes in the corner from two different rino patch areas. Ive considered this option before and does make the most sense.

      Also It does “grab” about the time Im unwinding the wheel from mid corner.

      Ric, It never has A push. It turns Tight,this condition is when its close to A “LOCKDOWN” condition.  Ever gone through A set of corners ,the kart was handling so well but didn’t slide front or rear and was slow? That’s tight.

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      Walt Gifford

      Try some toe in.


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      TJ Koyen

      The sealant at Mid-State will do that to you. It’s just one flat-out corner though, I would be more concerned with how the kart is handling on the rest of the track. You lose minimal time by being slower in the Monza because the short chute after that isn’t long enough for the momentum loss to really be an issue.

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