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      Ace Rossi

      where can I find a mount for my head rest? The seat (too large) that came with the kart has the mount glassed into the back side. Made it awfully heavy and i dont think I need help there. The actual head rest is good but was wondering if someone made a universal mount, maybe a clamp to the chassis type mount that can be purchased.

      Thanks and I got my new tanks from Margay, and a deposit sent to Stallion for new full body and all is going smoothly, just not quick enough! :)

      hopefully this will all work out in time

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      Ric mcDade

      Feel Free to text me a pic and I will help you. Ric- 417-496-0428

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      John Mulvihill

      Hi Ace,

      Just a passing thought.

      In regards to a headrest not mounted to the back of the seat:  Don’t make the headrest too solid, as that can be problematic in a rearward collision such as a backwards spin into a solid obstacle.  You need some give.



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      Ace Rossi

      After looking at my options I think I can come up with a solution by mounting the headrest directly to the underside/back of the seat similar to how the original seat is done but without the excessive fiberglass.

      thanks for all the help

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      Greg Lindahl


      I think I have one of the seats you’re referring to as well.

      I cut all that stuff out and located the headrest in the tail bodywork.

      You could drill large holes in the excess f’glass and lighten the seat as well.

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      Ace Rossi

      Greg the reason for swapping out the old seat is its too wide for me. The new rpm seat I bought doesn’t have a head rest but fits me nicely! Trying to see how everyone else adapts a headrest either to the seat, body, or chassis.

      Pics would be helpful,  anyone?

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