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    Jeremy Baldi

    I’m looking to put new brakes on my laydown formula 125 kart.

    I currently have the big MCP rear caliper with vented disc, MCP red masters and MCP dual piston front calipers. I use the MCP aluminum front spindles with larger discs. When working the system is awesome. However they no longer make the front calipers and getting pads for them is also getting very hard.

    I say when system is working they are awesome because I have had a big problem with pad knock back which makes me have to pump up the brakes on the straights to make sure they will work in braking zones. I can always get them to come back but it is both annoying and cost speed.

    So I am looking for a new system maybe with floating discs.

    I know MCP seems to be the go to laydown brakes but has anyone used anything else. I have seen some of the super kart guys use the smaller brembo calipers up front and the larger gold caliper at rear. As seen here:


    Anyone have experience with these?

    What are other f-125 or b-stock guys using?

    Also where is best place to get laydown brake parts. Seems to be super hard to find parts for laydowns.

    Jeremy Baldi

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    Chuck Bunnell

    When I talked with MCP on the phone when I started building a new F-125 laydown kart, before I got my superkart, they readily admitted that the speed and weight of a laydown 125 shifter kart was pushing the capbility of what they had available.  I did buy the biggest stuff they had, but never finished the kart so can’t say how the brakes worked.  MCP did suggest that I consider brakes from a shifter kart or superkart.  Off the top of my head for superkarts you are looking at PVP, Kelgate, Brembo and possibly others.  If you go that route, I would recommend buying the complete system front and rear along with the master cylinders.

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    Greg Lindahl

    Have a look at Wilwood’s offering as well.

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    Bruce Peck

    I’m sure Brian Wilhelm will chime in, but I believe he runs MCP/Enginetics equipment on his kart.  I’m building a 150cc clutch kart to run Unlimited and possibly F-125 if I can carry enough methanol, and I’m using MCP/Enginetics on mine and have been getting some help from Brian.  Some of it is the same equipment I used on my TaG-Enduro kart I built in 2008.  That kart was fast and heavy (anything with me in the seat is heavy) and it stopped fine.

    I just bought a nice 7-1/8″ vented rotor from Brian (made by Terry Ives) that bolts to standard MCP 4-bolt brake hub for 1-1/4″ axles.  I’m using an MCP billet rear caliper that has 1-1/2″ pistons (don’t think they make this one any more).   On the front I’m using Enginetics EC-750 single piston caliper.  This is the large caliper that has a 1-3/8″ piston and uses the “scalloped” Enginetics pads which are still available.  I just looked and Russell Karting has a set “in stock”.  That’s were I got mine back in 2008.

    Jeremy, did you really mean “aluminum spindle” in your post?  Or did you mean an MCP style aluminum hub and brake carrier?  I assume you mean the latter like shown the picture below.  Brian also has 1/4″ thick cast iron discs for these hubs as well.  I intend to get a pair of those.

    EC-750 Front Caliper

    Front Brake Disc Hub

    Rear Terry Ives Rotor

    Masters and Rear Caliper

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    Jeremy Baldi

    Bruce you are correct I meant the MCP aluminum hub and I already have the slotted 1/4″ cast disc on it. I use the same rear caliper as you posted but I was mistaken I have the black MCP master cylinders with the larger reservoirs. The system can be great and I can stop super fast but they no longer make the front pads so time for at least new front calipers. Plus the system has always had the problem were I have to pump the brakes which is no good.

    I have looked at those front calipers and I know they work for Brian who is going even faster than me. But I have also heard they need a lot of adjustment all the time. Like you said Brian will probably chime after he gets home from Grattan.

    I have talked to a couple of vendors now too and along with Greg’s recommendation they are saying look into the wilwood. So I will at least explore those as well. Since there isn’t much room up front for big calipers on a laydown most of the superkart options don’t work. Hopefully I can get it all sorted before Mid Ohio.

    Jeremy Baldi

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    Bruce Peck

    Talk to Craig Dori in Indy about Wilwood.  A few years ago Craig designed and made a new laydown frame and did a lot of work with brakes including some components from Wilwood.  I think he had issues and ended up using something different for front calipers (this was a 100cc kart though).  I can get you Craig’s contact info if he doesn’t comment in here.

    You’re right about the EC-750 front calipers.  They are not self adjusting so as pads wear you have to manually adjust by adding/subtracting shims.

    FYI – Craig also had new front brake hub/disc carrier set ups made and has some on the shelf.  I bought a couple of sets recently, but he has more if anyone needs some.  I think he has discs for these but they have the standard MCP bolt pattern so you can bolt on the discs you already have.

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    Jeremy Baldi

    Those look nice. I don’t now if those would be a bit stronger than the 6 spoke MCP versions or not. One of our concerns is that I must be getting some flex or different metal expansion in the front carrier system to be having the pads knock back. I think what we are going to try and do is convert the discs to have a slight float like many of the sprints have. That should help have a more consistent knock back so at least the pedal feels the same every time.

    If you have Craig’s contact please send it. I used to have it and have talked to him before but don’t know where it is now. He used to have a website, is that still working?

    Jeremy Baldi

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    Bruce Peck

    Craig’s website is no longer active.  Craig sold off much of what he had put together and has moved on I think.   Jeremy, see your PM.  Contact info is there.

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