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      Paul Hir


      I have seen laydown seats on 4cycle karts, but just curious if the same advantage would be for a sprint kt100 package.  Because I am tall and I am heavy weight, I thought it might lower my center of gravity.

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      David Cole

      Gary Lawson is the driver you want to talk to about that. He’s the best at making the laydown seats work on a Yamaha and 4-Cycle

      David Cole - EKN Managing Editor

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      TJ Koyen

      As David mentioned, Gary knows a thing or two about it. And when the Bandit karts were running Man Cup, Ryan Phillips did quite well several times in a laydown seat.

      I believe there is a minimum seat back height that restricts you from doing this in Man Cup now? Correct me if I’m wrong.

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      Gary Lawson

      It will no doubt lower your center of gravity and decrease grip.  Not sure what rules you plan on running though. WKA does not allow a “laydown” seat anymore. Apparently it was ruining the manufacturer’s cup series as stated by some. The seat cannot have a continuous curve in the back. It must be flat and basically look like every other style sprint seat. Try to get around those rules somehow and their is even a maximum seat angle to the ground. I think around 47 degrees. Sorry to rain on the parade.

      If their is no rule and you are struggling with too much side bite, hopping, or two wheeling, then give it a try. Some have a hard time adapting to sitting like that though.

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      Walt Gifford

      You’re trading a high CG for too much rear weight. If only karts were a little bigger. Any 4 stroker laydown seat I ever tried stabbed me right in the middle of the back because the top curls in.

      If you’re tall like me stay away from anything made by Lightening Light, their XL seat is a M at best. Thought they sent the wrong one but nope and they burned me both ways on shipping plus a restocking fee.

      What some people call XL ain’t XL so get some measurements if you’re buying mail order (if you can find a karting vendor that can use a ruler).

      Best you can hope for is to get your shoulders the same level as your knees. I’m using a Deep Seat 15.5EB tilted back a bit and it fits great Let me know if you find out something I don’t know.


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