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      Jeff Myers

      just bought a mychron gps.i currently have a macbook so i need to get a windows laptop.what are the specs i need to run race studio.looking at a used acer aspire one with windows 7 starter… 4 gb and 500 gb harddrive.any help would be great.cheers

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      Bill Boxell

      From the Race Studio manual

      Compatibility between Race Studio 2 and operative systems
      Race Studio 2 has been developed to guarantee the maximum working reliability and its correct working has been tested with the following operative systems: Microsoft Windows XP Microsoft Windows Vista and Microsoft Widows 7.

      All operative systems (Linux, Unix, Macintosh®) not indicated in this tutorial are to be considered not supported by this application.
      For any problem it is suggested to check http://www.aim-sportline.com website to verify if any recent news has been issued and, if not, to contact the technical support that can be found in home page at http://www.aim-sportline.com.

      I’m sure the Acer would work just fine.


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      James McMahon

      Why not just bootcamp the macbook?
      Otherwise the most basic laptop will work fine. I used a P1 233Mhz laptop for a long time running Windows 2000.

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      Jeff Myers

      thanks for the info guys!!! bought the acer downloaded race studio.ready to go.thanks again.cheers

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      Walt Gifford

      Will it work with Windows 8.1 ?

      There’s a Toshiba at Walmart for $328.


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      Bill Boxell

      A friend of mine is running Race Studio and GPS Manager both on Windows 8. He hasn’t had any problems.

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      Scott Newton

      FWIW, I run Race Studio using Windows 8.1 on my bootcamp’d Macbook.  Zero issues at all

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      Stewart Willis

      2009 called and what its bootcamp back.  I run race studio on my Macbook Pro using VmWare.  Runs perfectly.  The only downside is that you cant format or update DataKeys using virtualization software..  At least I havent figured it out


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      patrick j slattery

      It works fine on windows 8, don’t know about 8.1


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