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      Bryan Norman

      Hard to believe we are almost a week away from starting the 2017 Kart Schedule off!

      Garnett Enduro Club would like to invite all road racers to the first race of the 2016 KART/RUSSELL KARTING SPECIALTIES/MARRS event April 8th & 9th at the historical lake Garnett Park road course located in Garnett, KS. Entry form and event schedule should are posted on the KART website within the next couple days. (www.kart.org).

      Please come out and support this historical track before it’s no longer on the schedule.  It takes support in order for it to remain on the schedule.  A section of the track has been resurfaced from the sprint track to the bridge prior to flat iron. We look forward to seeing everyone and any new faces interested.  The track is part of the North Lake Park, has a sprint track to allow kids or sprint karts after the races & Golf Course.  Bring your sprint karts and play in the evening after the road races are completed or bring some golf clubs and come play golf with me Saturday evening!

      Happy Days BBQ will be on site for concessions.  Questions, contact me at either 785-304-9701 or normracer@gmail.com

      When it's raining I'm drinking!

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      Taylor Everhart

      I will have plenty of Rev-Clean Racing Castor pre-mix available on Saturday. $45 per half gallon. Stock up for the season and I’ll cut you a deal on multiple bottles! Come see me in the pits if interested.

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      Linda Baldus

      Another season is underway. Great to be back at the track.

      Was it WINDY? Oh my.

      Thanks to Bryan Norman and the Norman family, and Happy Days BBQ. Were those nachos out of this world.

      As a FYI, Mike tested at least two peoples’ fuel purchased from BP that said Premium unleaded no-ethanol, but it was illegal. He also knew of someone that had a problem with BP fuel last year so we sure won’t be buying our fuel at BP and recommend you don’t either. He says if you go online and Google no-ethanol gas stations you can find stations in your area, but BP will probably be the first one to pop up, and DON’T TRUST IT. And if you have any questions, get your fuel checked before the race.

      See ya @ Afton.

      Keep on kartin'. llb
      Raymore, MO

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