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      Jarrod Bradley

      Calling ALL Karters –

      I hope everyone has enjoyed the short turnaround between race events.

      Online registration for our May event is OPEN

      Online Registration will close on TUESDAY 5/13 at 11:59pm so don’t delay, register today!!!.
      Register online and save $20.

      – Click http://lakc.motorsportreg.com/ to reserve your spot today.

      Details and Announcements

      Vega FH Tires

      The SL-3 Nordham has been discontinued from Vega and is no longer available in the USA. All classes that used the SL-3 have the option to use the SL-3 or the FH tire for our May race event. Beginning with our June race, the SL-3 will no longer be allowed in any class at LAKC. The tires used for our Junior 1 and PRD Pilot classes will come stamped from RLV. These tires will ONLY be allowed to run in those classes. A DQ will be issued if they are used in any other FH spec tire class.

      Each driver in the Junior 1, Junior 1 Pilot and PRD Senior Pilot classes will be allowed to purchase (1) set of FH tires at a discounted rate. You will need to purchase additional sets from one of our sponsors.

      FREE TIRE Set
      All current LAKC members that have raced in at least (1) Junior 1/Pilot or PRD Senior Pilot event in the 2014 season AND are registered to race in the May or June PRD-Pilot and Junior 1 Comer classes will receive ONE free set of Vega (LAKC Branded) FH tires. The set of tires must be picked up by our June race otherwise you will miss this opportunity. After you have registered for the May/June race, please send me an email that you wish to pick up your tires at the race event. I will add your name to the tire distribution list for that month. Email jbradley (at ) iqlaservision.com

      Pit Map

      Please be aware that there is a VIP Sponsor parking section that is reserved for Sponsors. The first 17 spots are marked with orange cones. You must display a VIP Parking Pass in order to park in those spots. Vehicles not displaying a parking pass will be subject to towing. Thank you for your cooperation.

      Scooters / Bikes / Skateboards

      Absolutely no riding of motorized, or non-motorized vehicles of any kind allowed anywhere in the paddock areas on both Saturday AND Sunday. This includes, but is not limited to: Bicycles, Skateboards, Scooters etc.  Any person, be it a driver, family member, or crew member associated with a competing driver will cause that driver to be subject to disciplinary actions.  These actions include confiscation of the item(s), grid spot penalties and/or disqualification from the day’s event.

      Engine Revving

      The practice of running engines at high rpm’s for extended periods is not allowed in the pit, pre-grid or grid areas. When in the pre-grid/grid areas there is no running of engines allowed. We realize that it is sometimes necessary to run engines after maintenance. This will only be permitted at modest RPM levels for limited periods of time. Extended running at RPMs above clutch stall speeds to preheat motors prior to racing is not permitted. Failure to adhere to these revised regulations will result in disqualification. Water cooled engines: The above is true for water cooled motors. They should be warmed up in your pit area. When in grid area the engines may only be run on the ground not on stands. Kid Karts: At events where fuel is supplied, we will allow a minimum amount of low RPM running to ensure the fuel has reached the carburetor. This is only allowed when under the direct supervision of a designated race official.
      PRD Drivers: FREE Motor Giveaway in MAY !!!

      The first motor will be given away at this month’s race for drivers that attended ALL of the first four races. First motor: You qualify by attending our February, March, April and May races. Each PRD class driver (all five classes) will then receive one ticket if you have perfect attendance. Attendance will be defined as paid entry and completing a qualifying time. We will randomly draw one of those names at the June drivers meeting to announce the motor winner. If you sign up for two PRD classes and have perfect attendance your odds of winning will double. No cherry picking will be allowed (signing up only to take couple laps for your punches) after the first drawing, the drawing bucket will be emptied, and we will restart contributing tickets for the second drawing. The name we draw wins a motor, it’s that easy !!!

      LAKC prize opportunities: http://lakc.org/results/168-2012-cash-prize-details

      Save the Date: PRD PAN-AM Race


      OCTOBER 10, 11, 12, 2014

      LOCATION: Santa Maria, California


      An Amazing Track on the Beautiful Central Coast


      ·         Affordable Entries!

      ·         Affordable Pit Spots!

      ·         VP MS98 Fuel/Motul Oil Available or BYO!

      ·         On Site Camping!


      $20,000.00 in CASH AWARDS!

      CONTINGENCIES up to $10,000.00

      Registration opens July 2014, watch for event details/information soon at:

      http://www.prd-usa.com and http://www.facebook.com/prd-usa .

      Looking forward to seeing you all LAKC drivers in October!

      Please let us know if you have any difficulties registering for this event.

      See you at the track,

      LAKC Staff

      May Registration Link:

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