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      Jarrod Bradley

      Calling ALL Karters –

      I hope everyone has enjoyed a little time off since our February Race. It is now time to get back out on the track for our March 16th race event.

      Online Registration will close on TUESDAY 3/11 at 11:59pm so don’t delay, register today!!!.

      This gives you a few days to register online and save $20.

      – Click http://lakc.motorsportreg.com/ to reserve your spot today.

      Here are a few reminders about our upcoming March Race Event on Sunday 3/16-

      Safety Items: 

      These will be checked prior to any driver being able to take the track. Violations will result in penalties assessed by the Race Director.

      •Helmets – All required safety equipment must be worn when driving. All potentially exposed hair must be tucked in at all times when on the race track. Helmets must be full face type and designed for competitive motorsports and must comply with one of the following: Snell 2005 SA and M or better helmets are now required for the 2014 racing season. Any helmets found to be older than what is stated below will not be acceptable for the race: Snell 2005 SA and M, 2005 K, CMS2007 (youth helmet), CMR 2007 (youth helmet), M 2010,SA 2010 and SFI 24.1 (youth Helmet), 31.2a, 41.2a, 24.1/2005 (youth Helmet),31.1/2005,41.1/2005, 24.1/2010(youth helmet), 31.1/2010, 41.1/2010. A proper fit is essential especially for young drivers. Neck collars are mandatory and no modification is allowed to Neck collars. ALL Cadet Drivers must wear a chest protector per IKF rules. More helmet regulation apply per IKF rule #105.1.6.  Helmets and all head gear such as balaclavas must be removed prior to entering scales.

      •Neck Collar- Required for ALL classes.

      •Chest Protectors- Required for all Kid Kart & Junior classes age 11 and below.

      Start Time:

      Gates open at 6:30am on Sunday. Drivers meeting starts at 7:30am. Warm-ups start at 8:00am sharp.

      Vega Tire Reminder:

      All racers that participate using the Vega SL-Nordham tires listen up – Junior 1, Junior 1 Pilot & PRD Senior Pilot. We will NOT be selling any Vega tires at the track. We need to know exactly what is needed for this event and will not have any extras. Make arrangements to purchase them Online during your Registration or get them from RLV directly before the event.

      Pit Map:

      We have also posted the current Pit Map to the site under “Forms” at http://www.lakc.org/forms

      You are ONLY permitted to pit out of a designated Pit Spot(s) located on the current Pit Map. Pitting out of any other area at the CalSpeed facility will NOT be permitted. Violators will be subject to relocating to an open Pit Spot at the sole discretion of LAKC at any time.

      If you are interested in purchasing a reserved Pit Spot, please follow the link to secure your spot today. We have limited spots available so don’t delay. Click http://lakc.motorsportreg.com for Pit Spot Registration page.

      Raceday Schedule:

      Will be posted to the lakc.org website on Friday before the race. You can view the Monthly Rotation Schedule at: http://lakc.org/content/class_rotation_2014.pdf

      Team Series:

      Team Rosters must be finalized BEFORE this race. Please make your choices and post them to the LAKC Forum http://www.lakc.org/forum/viewforum.php?f=16

      If you are fielding a private team of drivers or if you are an LAKC Sponsor that wants to enter more than ONE Team, you MUST pay the Team Series fee BEFORE this event. You can pay for your private teams http://msreg.com/Team2014


      If you are interested in joining LAKC today to save $10 off your race entries as well as be eligible for all the prizes and giveaways this year.

      Click http://lakc.motorsportreg.com to Register to become an LAKC Member today !!!

      Please let us know if you have any difficulties registering for this event.

      See you at the track,

      LAKC Staff

      March Registration Link:


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