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      Jarrod Bradley

      Dear Karters-
      Time is running out to get pre-registered for our July 19th Race Event. Save time and $$$ by pre-registering online today !!!

      July 19th Online Race Registration
      Don’t miss your chance to get registered for the LAKC Series Race #5. ONLINE Registration will close on Wednesday July 15th at 11:59pm. You MUST be an approved LAKC Member in order to register for the race. This needs to be completed PRIOR to registering for your first race with LAKC

      Link – http://msreg.com/july2015

      LaTorre Retires
      Everyone here at LAKC wants to thank Chris for his many contributions to the organization. His countless hours of volunteering have made a huge impact on the current success of the series. Many of you do not realize how much work it takes to put on race events and what goes on behind the scenes. I encourage each and every one of you to think about what direction you would like to see this sport go. It will take more of you to step up and provide support if you truly want LAKC to continue to thrive.

      See you at the track !!!

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