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      Doug Ring

      (I put this over on the RR forum, but I think all CA shifter drivers should see how fun a shifter can be on a real track.)

      How is this for a hoot  –  three versions of the same race (group 19, Heat #2) from the Super Stock #1 (Mike Lagrone – kart 16), #2 (Doug Ring – kart #8), and #3 (Mike Korody – kart #722).  Laguna Seca, 72 degrees, clear skies, 27 shifter karts start the main – what could be better??

      Mike, Mike, and I are running the NCK Super Stock class – 400#, ’99 cylinder, open Nasau panel.  #6 is running in the SKUSA class – 385#, either cylinder, all CIK bodywork.



      Watch all the way to the end – the last few laps in particular may have been the most fun I have every had racing a kart.

      We were running laps in the 1:40 – 1:41 range, with puts us faster than almost all street cars (only a couple of Porsche’s and the Corvette ZR-1 are faster).  I just love talking to “serious” PCA drivers at LS or SP or BW, and showing them that our lap times are faster than their precious sportscars!

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      Ted Hamilton

      Quite a bit of crowning / diametral expansion on those fronts!!  Nice vids!

      2014 Praga Dragon / IAME KA-100

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      Greg Lindahl


      Bring your kart to the other NC and race with us!

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      Randy McKee

      Doug, that was an amazing 1st lap in the 3rd video!  I haven’t watched the end yet, but you are catching everyone like the dinner bell just rang (and you are a STARVING lunatic)


      Oops.  I guess that was one of the Mikes in the 3rd vid.  Don’t know the guy, but he was flying.

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