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      Hi all

      Looking for some info on KZ2 engines and hoping that people with experience in either TM / Maxter or both and help out. TM and Maxter are the two most popular engine in Australia so figure that’s the best place to start.

      Looking to get into KZ2 for some some and maybe the odd race. I’ve raced Rotax and Rotax DD2 for many years but have had a year off to build ahouse and keen to get back to driving.

      What engine do people recommend and why? Looking for info on ease of use, engine hours of rebuilds and costs and any advice you can give.

      Any help would be appreciated

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      Dennis Chappell


      Google Joe White at JWR racing and give him a call.





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      Keith Bridgeman

      Both are great.  I would guess the TM is the most available.  Parts costs and maintenance will be about the same.  Ease of use will be the same.   I have a Maxter and it has been perfect but I know the TM’s seem to be 3/4’s the grid in most places.    I don’t think you can go wrong with either.


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      Thomas Barth

      If you follow the KZ1, KZ2 racing in Europe it seems the TM is on top. The KZ10B is the latest version.

      IMHO the KZ10B is your best bet. I rebuilt a KZ10 a few months back and got a good look at it. The engineers at TM have redesigned the crankcase and cylinder from the previous K9 versions that will increase performance. The KZ10B has new pipe and some other changes that will improve durability.


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