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    J.R. Ybarra

    Need a little help from anybody who has done a four stroke shifter, I have a Kx250f four stroker that I have on chassis, (unfinished project from another owner), and it has the stock drive gear which is meant for a 520 chain and I am needing a drive gear that is for the more commonly used 428 chain. Anybody know if the KX 2-stroke gears will work? or can something cross over from another manufacturer? Anybody known where I can purchase? Thanks!


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    johnny brooks

    These guys could probably make what you need:


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    J.R. Ybarra

    Thanks Johnny, that looks like a great resource


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    Brian Degulis

    It’s probably not made so you’ll have to make it. Take your gear and get a machine shop to cut it down then make a spindle and weld a 428 sprocket to it. I had to do that when I put together a CRF 450 Kart.




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    Chris Reinhardt

    Nobody custom makes counter shaft gears, Sidewinder uses somebody else counter shaft sprockets I believe…

    Best bet like Brian said, cut up some stock sprockets and buy some CR125 428’s and have them welded up…

    I do them here all the time…


    This is one I did for a dyno project…

    Chris Reinhardt

    CR2 Motorsports


    XV Racing Products



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