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      randy ricklefs

      i just bought a kpv it appears to have a kt100 52.70 piston it has a indented arrow on top and only has one ring a kpv piston has two it also has two aluminum base shims and tow paper gaskets I’m guessing it night be do to the kt piston being taller my question is why would someone do this and is it ok to run like it is… thanks in advance for any insight

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      William Martin

      Bore size (std) is 52.4 for the KPV, maybe just a way to use a worn-out cylinder that is too big for a KPV piston now? I suspect it won’t run very well, the port timing is altered a bit by those bottom spacers…not sure it is a big deal, probably not a race legal cylinder anyway, but I’m not an “expert”, don’t even play one on tv…


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