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      brian downing

      I was recently told that one should periodically change their TCI. As a hardware/software engineer this didn’t make any sense to me. Electronics usually either work or they don’t work.
      Transistors don’t wear out, they break.

      Has anyone here lost power, replaced the TCI and then picked up 500-1000 RPM on a kt100?

      If you do proactively change any electronics (other than spark plug), what and how often?



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      Greg Lindahl

      Hi Brian.

      I’m a EE and understand your logic.  The issues I’ve encountered with black boxes (BB’s) is  with heat/vibration/connectors.  Same as almost all electronic devices.  BTW, there are analog components in the BB that don’t follow the rules of transistors.

      Locate BB’s in cool ambient spots and mount them in rubber with robust, liquid-tight connectors.  Also, no tight conductor bends and room to move without stress from either vibration or bending.  Wires with long radius bends are best.

      However, we lost a BB on a Honda CR 125 recently.  Spent a great deal of time removing the potting around the PCB and components to find a broken or overheated component.  No luck.  This BB had some history before we remounted it using the above logic…

      Go to a good KT100 engine guru for more info for your specific engine.  The forum is heavy with experience and also opinion not supported by either logic or knowledge.


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      Tim Koyen

      Nope, never have changed a TCI as preventive maintenance.  I have changed them when there was a loss of RPM or other ignition problems.  I’ve also seen new ones that were bad, which is why I don’t change them unless there is a problem.

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      tony zambos

      Never changed one. Ran the same engines for many years. Use a TCI hold down to prevent the tabs on the TCI from breaking and to maintain a good good ground. Problem free.

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