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    Steve Frank

    I’ve got an old KT100 direct drive complete setup sitting around that I’m considering putting back together for beater project/seat time.  The only problem with that setup was that it was very difficult to get the motor fired unless you had a significant hill to assist with the “run and drop”.    I was told that the problem is within the electrical system supplying a fairly weak spark compared to shifters or ICA motors.  Is this the general consensus, and if so, does anyone know of an alternative ignition setup that will help?  Didnt know if there was a direct replacement from some of the Comer 100s etc?

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    Jeremy Ellison

    Do you think it’s an issue with the KT in general or maybe your plug/ignition module? I’d try a new plug first and then maybe then swap out the ignition.

    Does it start easily on the stand?

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    Steve Frank

    Yes, always starts easy on the stand.   I believe the problem is we cant get the kart rolling fast enough to get the engine to fire easily when its setup as a direct drive.

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    Jeremy Ellison

    Interesting. I’ve never run a KT-100 direct drive, but have thought about it (ditching the clutch is attractive…). I know people do it,  so I’d be interested in what you figure out.

    If you have a friend with a clutched kart, you could always get them to give you a push :)

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    Walt Gifford

    If you have a friend with a clutched kart, you could always get them to give you a push


    Steve, you’re probably just flooding it, try cranking the low needle down to 1 turn for starting.


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