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    William Weiler

    Had my first race. I made some friends, all the officials were helpful and friendly. I didn’t understand KPX is a regional and 4-cycle guys are as serious as the 2-cycle guys. I came in last and got lapped by the field in the main. On the other hand, what a feeling driving these Karts! What an exciting and fun time.

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    I’m glad you had fun! Addicting isn’t it? Most people in the karting community are very nice.

    You wanna do it again? Come race with us at a small club here in Bakersfield Ca. It is a smaller group, but there is something special about that track with elevation. We have a group of friends that wanna race there, and we also travel all the way down to CalSpeed with the Tri-C guys ( very good people there also) Here’s a video of that track, and yes, they race at night time. Anyway we’re racing Jun 10th Saturday night in case you’re interested, and you can run the same set of tires you raced with this weekend, just flip them.


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    Walt Gifford

    That looks like a hard track to pass on.

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    Yeah, It is very hard to pass, there is something about that track though

    I have a love/hate relationship with it Lol.

    But it can totally make a good driver out of you for sure.

    Kevin Harvick used to race there as a young boy.

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    We’re racing this Saturday night in Bakersfield, there is self contained/dry camping available, and the owner will give a discount to the out of town guys.

    We’re planning to race here Saturday night, then me and a group of guys go Sunday morning and race at Button Willow with the Fresno guys that you raced with last.

    Do you wanna go? You know you want more seat time. Lol.

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