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      Can anyone tell me the difference  between the KPV 1,2,3,4? Is it just the pipe or are there other differences with this engine. Also which seems to be the most robust?

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      Brian Patterson

      The 1 engine has a small carburetor, altered ignition timing and less chamber clearance along with a 1 pipe. The 2 engine has the larger carburetor as do all of the other versions along with corresponding 2 pipe. The 3 & 4 have just pipe & flex length changes.

      The lower number of the engine, the lower the output & torque curve. The lower the output, the longer the life. These are very simple & reliable engines that give you lots of track time between rebuilds. I just removed one K2 engine for rebuild after 16 races this year. It still runs as well as the day I put it in service but want to make sure it continues to.

      You will want to purchase the unit that matches your racing type but they can be re-configured to different configurations easily. They are a Cadet to Masters class engine as they easily grow with you.

      I can easily recommend this engine. Get with a reputable engine builder & get one.


Viewing 1 reply thread
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