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      Tim Doll

      Announced today that Kimi is replacing Massa at Ferrari next year with a two year deal.

      So, just a few years after Ferrari was so unhappy with Kimi that they paid him millions NOT to drive for them, they are once again going to pay him millions TO drive for them.

      This could be interesting, Alonso has a history of not playing nice with similarly fast teammates, and I don’t see Kimi accepting the Massa role of a clear number 2.


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      Bob Baldwin

      Tim: I don’t SEE Kimi playing 2nd BANANA to ALONSO either !!!

      AHHHH!!!! the POWER of MONEY !!!

      ACTUALLY I’m NOT to sure the POWERS that be at the Prancing Horse are to HAPPY with Alonso either

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      Juan David Gomez

      At Ferrari the team’s interest always comes first and that has been clear to anyone who drives for them. One of them will have to play second fiddle at some point if the other has a chance to win the championship, they both know that. even though Alonso has not been in that position yet Kimi was in 2008 so they know what is expected from them. I don’t think alonso will have a problem supporting Kimi if it came to that.

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