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    Bill Schmidt


    Can this kart be used for the kid kart class? It is a cheapo kart, but just how high-tech does a kid kart have to be to propel a 50 lb. kid 30mph? I want to get a kid kart for my 5 year old grandson. He will likely do some sprint racing with it.

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    Alan Sheidler

    Looks heavy.  Might be OK if the driver is particularly small?

    Before you buy, I’d suggest checking with the local tracks where you intend to have your grandson compete, and see what classes and rules they have for the little guys.  Might be easier to pick up a good used setup from a family whose driver has outgrown it.  As always, how a machine was treated and maintained is of prime importance.

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    Bill Schmidt


    You might be right. They listed the frame as 30mm. Seems like most of the ones I have seen are 25 or 28mm. I guess I would never have to worry about the little guy bending the frame?

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    Scott Boito

    Bill, that looks like the baby kart version of the Chinese clone karts Kieran used to run when we were in NJ.  Really very crappy overall, with brakes that were terrible and a VERY heavy chassis.  Based on our experience I wouldn’t bother.  Find a used mainstream chassis with a Comer C50 or C51 or, (coming to a rule book near you) a Honda 4-stroke GXH50.

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    Bill Schmidt

    I agree Alan and Scott. Now if I can find a used one for sale that the owner doesn’t think is made of gold and is willing to ship it to me. I noticed one guy on this list that ships karts all of the time from NY for around $150.

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