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    Casey Brier

    Please also look at my second post just below this one.


    Hello,  I’m trying to find information on the HPD Clutch. My goal is to inspect the condition of the clutch. what should I be looking for? I see no obvious issues. no reason to suspect its bad. but would like to have an idea how its doing. I bought this kart used. I measured from the surface of the shoe to the outer part of the holes. it was averaging just over 2mm (.084″)

    Also my intent was to inspect the crank key as i hear this gets beat up. I see in my situation the key is beating up the crank. how bad is this (pictures below). and just to verify, this is the one that is notorious for going bad right? its not the one on the other end of the crank? It was my understanding that the key would be square as this is what the replacement I have looks like. But the one stuck in my clutch is rounded, meaning it is like a half circle. looking online at lawn mower parts (lol) is seems one side of the crank has a square and the other side has a half circle. soooo im not sure what is going on here. any explanation from someone with experience?

    last, This cover that is on the back of the clutch looks as though its about to fall off. it really moves around a lot and seems as if the rivets are damaged and the holes in the plate are so worn its about to pull off the rivets. is this normal? is this needing replaced? Can I simply take it off? I’d assume that would not be legal in rules as your removing rotating mass. (not that my son is racing in a class right now, just practice days)

    thank you for any help you can give the new guy in the block.







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    Casey Brier

    Ok so I tried to replace what I thought was a half circle key, which turns out to just be a tapered end key, with a straight longer key. this was supposed to be an aftermarket better key…. but I cant put it in. its too long and doesnt taper at the end like the crank does.

    pictures below.



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    Casey Brier

    does anyone know where to find info and parts for this? I know its a seal engine, so a crank replacement would need to be sent off. but I’m having a heck of a time finding any info on this thing. ive tried to find people talking about this key issue, info on why it wont idle. how to clean the carb, anything. I am usually pretty good at finding this stuff on the internet, but I am not having luck with this engine. and I find that odd. I feel like im missing the all mighty web site that everyone else knows about lol.


    I did take the carb apart and cleaned the main jet and the jet with the six holes (I cant remember the name off hand). honestly it didn’t seem like either were dirty and the cause of my issue. I dont know if my idle is solved now though as I have not run it yet. I wont until I get this all back together.

    Hopefully there was some dirt in there that i didnt notice and it runs like a champ when I get it running again….. but Ill be surprised.

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