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      Scott Jagusch

      Found that the chain is wearing pretty bad into the frame rail.  Is there a solution to fix to this?  I am completely new to kid karts.  I know that on the dirt bikes they have a chain roller guide.  I was wondering if there is something similar to this that would reduce the frame rail wear.  Is it possible that the engine is just sitting too low?  Is there a spacer to adjust the height?  Thanks for helping.


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      tony zambos

      I’ve never had a kid kart to work on kid kart, but with that said, you could be running too long of a chain. A shorter chain would move the engine back and the chain away from the chassis.
      Also, is it possible the run a small gear on the engine? With the smaller gear on the engine, the rear gear could be reduced in size and move the chain away from the chassis, but you would still have to resize the chain as well.
      Have seen nylon chain guides for a chain, but a quick look this morning did not result in finding any.

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      Scott Jagusch

      Hi Tony.  Thank you for the suggestions.  We are just getting started in kid karts, so our knowledge is basic at this point.  We are learning and what you suggested does make sense.

      Thanks again.  I really appreciate the advise.  I am going to take a look at this now.  Scott

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      Walt Gifford

      Is your chain very loose? Should have only 1/2″ of play.


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      Scott Jagusch

      Sitting approx. 1/2 inch of play currently.

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      Matt Overbeck

      This can be common on kid karts. You cannot change the gearing as the rules require a 10/89. Shortening the chain will work. Or, fabricate a spacer out of aluminum maybe 1/4 to 3/8 thick to place between the mount and the engine. I have also seen thick spacer washers used to raise the engine a bit.

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      Scott Jagusch

      Finally was able to get to the Fab shop for the repair.  I think it turned out real nice.

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