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      Mike Clark

      3 of us are running DD2s in 2014. None of us have any Rotax experience. We need to gear up in terms of tools and procedures for Rotax. We are currently structured as a 2 man team and a 1 man team sharing resources.

      What is needed for the care and feeding of a DD2 Rotax engine and drive line? I am talking about end user performed tasks not what needs to be done by a Rotax service center.

      Short term: (getting through race day)
      So far the RAVE and carburetor tuning come up. The only other thing I have seen is the total loss electrical system needs a maintenance charge throughout the day. Any suggestions in this would be appreciated.

      Long term: (maintenance and prep between races)
      Exhaust packing and starter brushes are two spots I have read need regular attention. Rave cleaning and carb cleaning will be done as well as an effort to maintain clean fuel coming into the tanks.

      Are there any special DD2 issues to worry about?

      What am I missing? I have never seen anything about the cooling system maintenance.

      We don’t mind spending the money on needed items. We are trying to keep our priorities in order.

      I am think of getting a weather station and carb software from here:
      I may go with their kart setup software, but chassis tools are a separate topic. We already have those covered in basic tools, scales and alignment tools.

      Is the RAVE spring tool needed or not? I will probably do the maintenance on all 3 at the same time.

      We have no specific Dellorto tools. Any suggestion are welcome.

      We should be receiving karts complete at some point in the next month. All are CRG Dark Rider Evo 32.


      Mike Clark

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      Steen Carstensen

      Yes, you should definitely buy the RAV valve spring tool, and make sure you have a screwdriver small enough to remove the idle emulsion tube without doing damage to the threads. You need a few drills to set float height.

      It sounds to me like you have done you homework, I recommend the jetting software you are thinking of buying. Then go out there and have Some fun.

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