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    Jess Peterson

    The Euro is collapsing and the Dollar is strengthening. In fact in the very near future the Dollar could be worth more than the Euro. So I remember back in 2004-2005 the strong Euro was the excuse for chassis increasing in price substantially. So where’s our price cut Europe?

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    Steen Carstensen

    Good point, but dont forget that not all countries in Europe are on the euro currency. Look to your dealers to drop the prices when they buy new stock, until then good luck with cheaper karts and parts.

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    Greg Wright

    Italy is on the Euro and for the most part that’s the one that counts in karting. Don’t hold your breath on prices dropping.

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    Brock Weiss

    Why would the dealers drop their prices when they can make even more of a profit margin? It would be nice but again don’t count on it

    the way to really save money is to buy your big ticket items from European kart dealers and then have them shipped here. Things like a ceramic rotor or a very good tire pressure guage.  Need a new helmut and race suit? Buy over there and then have shipped here. There are a number of high dollar items that can be hundreds less. At least that is what I have done and I have saved quite a bit on money.

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    Chuck hurlbert

    Brock, can you provide a link or two? How much was shipping, as a reference.

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    Reid Smith

    From a basic exchange rate perspective, yes, that is the whole point of the ECB’s strategy.  Not too long ago, the Euro was 1.48 (early 2011), so during that period kart chassis sold to the US should have been quite expensive in US dollar terms.


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    Bob Vehring

    10 years ago the clone movement started in american karting, very quickly took over the dirt world. Alot of people said there was no way a cheap engine, copy of a Honda, then shipped here and sold everywhere for then, 100 bucks could hold up. Well it did, changed the whole 4 cy world
    BTW don’t misunderstand this, I hate cloans, my point is, inside, the cloan is a well built engine that lasted very well. So I guess my question is as I stand here in the center of the US, why does stuff from my left cost so little, and stuff from my right cost so much?

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    William Martin

    Massive difference in wages/benefits between those tow continents…


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    Walt Gifford

    Where are all the go karts from China?


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