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    Carl Johnson

    Hi guys,


    This is criminal I know but my karts have been sat in a garage for two years while over motorsports have taken over.

    I just wondered what kind of prep. I should do with them? Have 2008 Tony and CRG Kali.

    I was going to drain fuel tank and lines, clean carb, clean airbox, clean fuel filter. Was also going to drain and change brake fluid.

    Anything else I need to do after being sat in a garage with no use for so long?

    Also, the reason we parked them and never got around to it was the CRG had a brake problem where it was boiling the brakes. I had the caliper rebuild and bought the rebuild kit. Am going to try myself since $800 at the local repair shop didnt fix it back then, I wondered how typical it is for the brake lines to have a small leak in them as I cant think of anything else it could be?


    thanks for the help



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    William Martin

    after that amount of time with no usage, it would be wise to completely disassemble and clean your brake parts. Look carefully for any sign of pitting and/or corrosion of brake cylinders & pistons, both master and slave units. If you make it past this with no trouble found, replace ALL the rubber parts in the entire brake system, they will likely be hardened from lack of use, and may not seal completely. Flush the brake lines with new fluid BEFORE you put it all back together!

    Good luck,

    Bill M

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    Matt Dixon

    While your at it just change out the dried out fuel line.

    Drop a little of your 2 stroke oil down the spark plug hole and turn over by hand a few times.


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    Carl Johnson

    thanks for the advice guys…going to change all the rubber on the Tony kart William now you mention it makes sense.

    I am actually thinking of changing the brake system on the crg from the 200oUp to an aftermarket VEN05 Righetti Ridolphi replica.. is $580 for the entire thing, cylinder included. Given the consistent problems we had it might be wise seen as apparently it fits…seems too good to be true the whole system for that price.

    the other thing is do i need to drain the engine oil and replace? Someone told me not, but I am thinking surely its going to be gummed up in there?

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    Matt Dixon

    What engine is on the kart?


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    Carl Johnson

    125 rotax on both

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    Walt Gifford

    2 years ain’t that long.


    FAA certified jet engine and aircraft technician,
    Nicholson Speedway class champion 2001,
    Yamaha KT100 Service Center,
    41 years karting experience

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