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      Kelly Read

      The READ family would like to extend an invite to all road racers and anyone interested in road racing to come to there event September 9/10 sponsored by RUSSELL KARTING SPECIALTIES. 2017 marks the 56th year karts have ran at the historic LAKE AFTON PARK. Track is smooth which includes the entire back straight being repaved this past winter.

      Schedule and entry form is on the KART web site (www.kart.org).

      Questions, give me a shout at either 316-218-3645 or Kelly.read@westarenergy.com

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      Christopher Ragan

      This is a great place to race and camp.  Kelly and family put on a top notch event.  Historic track!

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      John Crider

      Here’s how it goes. All of You Enduro Go-Kart Racing enthusiast like to say OMG the trees and OMG that track looks dangerous. Lake Afton is the longest running event in all of Karting to my knowledge. Yes some racers have got hurt there but how many of You have raced at Daytona? Check out the fatality rate there. Back in the 70’s and 80’s there would be over 50 racers in just one class. At least 25 C-Opens (the big boys) that would go over 150 MPH on hard tires and crappy brakes. The point I’m trying to make if You do not want to race on a great track then don’t, but don’t sound like a whiner with lame excuses. Show what You have and come to a great time at a great place. I don’t want to sound rude but Lake Afton is My favorite track next to Oak Hill Texas (R.I.P.)


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      Linda Baldus

      Another super event @ Lake Afton hosted by the Read family with the help of their friends. Thanks to them. Turnout was a little light but perhaps those that weren’t there were working on their equipment for the National Championships.
      What a wonderful weekend and hasn’t KART MARRS been lucky with weather this year?
      One more event coming up, the 2017 KART Enduro National Championships @ Hallett Sept. 29 thru Oct. 1 hosted by MARRS. See everyone there.

      Keep on kartin'. llb
      Raymore, MO

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        Kelly Read

        The READ family would like to THANK ALL of those drivers, families and friends who supported our fall race of 2017!!! Big thanks go out to my family, friends and troop 494 who help me put this event on. I could not do this without having them!!!!!!

        As for the weather, what better could it have been with “THE MAN” promoting this event!!! LOL

        As for the racing, AWESOME!!! I even had to use transponder placement as the final result in a couple of classes due to not even my own KEEN EYES could tell which kart crossed the line first.

        As for the kids (Brad, Lindsay), they both ran and had super races in the B&S ANIMAL SPORTSMAN classes. It was nice to see Brad come out of retirement and come run!!! Lindsay in her SPRINT STOCK LEOPARD kart ran well and up front both days with 2 other top drivers battling for the lead. Saturday she lost the air box on the next to last lap and pulled in (THANK YOU!!) and on Sunday, she pulled in on the last lap to not interfere with the other drivers who are in the points championship battle as she is not legal at this time due to running the Horstman axle clutch that we have been testing this year for HORSTMAN. You can see my updates on this clutch on another forum.

        Good luck to everyone at the KART ROAD RACE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS at Hallett!!


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