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    Ken Marcotte

    Hello, anyone using the Alpinestars K-MX9 karting suit? If so how do you like it?

    If you are not using this particular model suit but are using an Alpinestars suit how do you like it?

    Do these suits breathe very well, what color do you reccomend on a hot day? Is any color cooler to wear than another? Im sure white might feel a little cooler than black but im not sure how these suits breathe or allow any air in.


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    Peter Zambos

    I had an older version and sold it after 1 weekend due to the fact that it didn’t breathe at all. AS suits are like Porches, so far as when the price goes up, more stuff gets taken out. So, the KMX1, though it’s the priciest, doesn’t have the bulky inner liner that makes the cheaper suits into sweat boxes. MHO, of course.
    This is not to slam AS, as I used to wear, and still have, an ancient KMX3.

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    Rod Hawkins

    The alpine stars stuff seems to be so good and so lightweight that it is disposable. My brother wore a hole through his new shoes in like 2 races and his gloves didn’t last much longer and the cool silkscreen designs started flaking and peeling off the first race.

    He tried to contact AS but they said it is normal wear. Seems AS is making stuff targeted more towards an F1 driver with full sponsorship rather than a karting guy that wants his stuff to just last a couple years. I guess that’s cool if that’s what your into, but I will never buy any future AS products for my dirt bike (even though it seems to hold up fine) or kart, just because of this elitist attitude. I deal with enough idiots, I don’t need to pay more to deal with a larger number of them.

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    Ken Marcotte


    Thanks for the reply. Thats too bad to hear the AS products did not wear very well. Thats surprising, ive used their leathers when i was roadracing motorcycles and had nothing but a great experience with their products. Perhaps the karting products are not made to the same standards.

    I think ill look into another brand with a better reputation.

    Thanks for the information!

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    Daniel White

    I had a Sparco Imola which lasted 5 seasons. Kinda pricey–about $325. Last season I bought my second Sparco, the Rookie K3. Much less expensive, under $200. So far, so good.

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    Ken Marcotte

    Thanks for the tip on the Sparco. Ive heard good things about Sparco, OMP, and K1.

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