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      Josh Brewer

      What karting shops/dealerships do you guys recommend in Southern California? I’m particularly looking for some in Orange County. Thanks

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      Steven Novikoff

      Andy Seesemann at Full Throttle Karting is located in Orange





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      If I remember correctly there is or was a karting shop located in Buena park, called Yamaha of America? on beach Blvd?

      Also Empire karts in Anaheim, or red hills?  http://www.empirekarts.com

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      Steve O’Hara


      Go see Stu Hayner at MDG in Orange.

      Here’s the contact information…

      MDG Karting

      1657 N Glassell Ave

      Orange, Ca 92867


      Customer support and service is above and beyond.

      A full range of ready to race karts from introductory to state of the art all at good prices.

      Steve O’Hara


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      Tom Ricketts

      Hi josh,


      I would recommend checking out mdg karting as well they are located at 1657 glassell ave. and there number is 714-928-5278. Stu is a great guy and has a huge selection of new and used karts, and parts and he will be able to help find you something to fit your budget. Also he will  help you get into karting the right way and not into something that is to advanced for you.


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      Bryan Lampe


      I’ll echo what has been said about MDG Karting in Orange.  You won’t find a more experienced or helpful group than these guys.

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      Oh,  yes!

      I forgot about Stu Hayner

      I would totally go there

      Good people, and with great reputation.

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      Sebastian Bacon

      I would also recommend MDG Karting and Stu Hayner. Stu has the knowledge, experience and products to get you what you need. Call him at the shop (714) 928-5278.


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      Kalvin Chen



      If you want 125 TAG and 100cc in Orange County, I highly recommend MDG karting in Orange. Stu is helpful and offers great karting advice, especially for a someone new in karting. He has everything , especially for 100cc. I know that he can pretty much get you anything you need in karting. I have known him for a long time; ever since his shop was in the old location.

      The shop has a nice showroom with easy parking. I love going there!  I heard that his son, Kyle is a great coach.


      For shifter kart racing, I would definitely recommend  MRC in Corona. Willy and Billy’s vast knowledge and their willingness to help us have been so awesome. They have a very professional setup with a complete inventory of shifter karts and parts. They are always at the track testing , and that helps a lot with on-track parts and tuning support.

      I truly believe that both of these shops mentioned have business models that are highly customer driven and not money driven.  The owners are truly passionate about karting.

      Have fun karting!




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      Josh Brewer

      Thanks for the replies guys. I’ll definitely go check out MDG karting and some of the others mentioned.

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        Marcus sengol

        Definitely go check out MDG

        Stu and his sons are the best by far!

        They are phenomenal drivers and great people. I got started in Karting because of them.

        I would recommend 100cc if you are starting out and go from there, it really forces you to learn the fundamentals and dynamics of driving karts. (Great cost benefits will definitely keep one in the sport long term).  But they carry 125cc too.


        MDG Karting

        1657 N Glassell AveOrange, Ca 92867


        Customer support and service is waaaayy above and beyond what you would expect from any store let alone a karting store in so cal.
        Have fun!

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      Ryon Beachner

      Not sure which part of Orange County you’re located in, but were in Laguna Hills.

      Let me know if there is anything I can help you with.

      Ryon @ 2 Wild Karting
      (949) 206-9906

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      Arnel Babida

      There are numerous shops in Southern California, but before you go anywhere else, I would highly recommend MDG Karting .  MDG Karting focuses on selling quality new and used karts, parts, apparel and merchandise with the best and most helpful service at reasonable prices.  MDG strives to make karting affordable and accessible for racers of all budgets. Whether you are brand new to karting or a seasoned racer, looking to buy a race ready kart, an engine, or a new chain, MDG is the place to go! You will leave with so much information, knowledge and extremely satisfied!

      The shop is run by longtime professional racing driver Stu Hayner along with his sons, Kyle and James.

      Good luck and have fun.

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      Rod Hawkins

      MDG karting. Stu is the man. He will talk in detail regarding what you are looking for, what your budget is and what your plans are. He is very realistic and helpful. He is also open to meeting you at the tracks and helping you with your purchase.


      When end I was first looking into karting a couple years ago, I got a lot of  “attitude” from different people in the sport. As someone coming from motocross, mountain bike racing, BMX racing and a deep interest in sports cars, I just about gave up looking into karting as I didn’t need a bunch of ” kart experts” being too cool to talk to someone and educate them on the sport. It was frustrating because I kept reading on these boards about how karting is dying, and then you try and learn about the sport and equipment and they all look at you like your an idiot because you didn’t know the difference between KPV, kt100, PRD, leopard, x30, rotax, stock honda, etc.

      After meeting stu I got really excited and now love going out and racing.


      You out need to look into f100 series too. If you think you are going to have fun just doing practice track days with you and a few friends, it gets kind of boring after a while, esp after performing in a series like f100.


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