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    Luke Jalbert

    Well, I thought I had hit the karting lottery.  I just got access to a private karting track just outside my town.  Just ordered my first kart.  My dad and I had planned on doing the Bondurant karting school this spring.  BUT apparently they are no longer doing karts.


    Is there any other school like the Bondurant 2-3 day kart school?


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    Daniel Agee

    I’m not sure what would be near you in Arizona (right?) but in NorCal there is the Sim Raceway Driving School in Sonoma. They have a couple different options for karting.

    Programs – Sprint Kart Racing

    Another option in NorCal is Race Karts Inc. that holds classes most often at Blue Max Kart Club.


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    Luke Jalbert

    Actually we are in amarillo Texas.  We are willing to travel wherever

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    Daniel Agee

    Ah ok. Someone else from a different part of the country can chime in with other options. Another option is the Jim Hall Kart Racing School in SoCal.


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    Walt Gifford

    You don’t need karting school, just go to the track and drive it.


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    Luke Jalbert

    I know we could just hit the track, but every year my dad and I take some car related trip.  Since we are just getting into karts this seemed like a good time to learn from someone that knows something

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    Andres Malovos



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    Richard Gordon

    Here is one in CO.  http://www.sbrmotorsportspark.com/index.cfm?id=5906e02a-5f74-4b2a-9b2f4ded2b13df4c&apexspeed.html

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    Jim Silverheels

    Coolie, schools always cut corners in the learning safari. Ask our resident guru TJ Koyen to meet you atta track for one on one instruction. The guys is a doer like a hampster on his treadwheel. Tell him I sent you for a discount also. chi wa wa

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    Patrick Roth

    I would suggest private lessons rather than a “school”.  Texas and Oklahoma have several high-caliber drivers that are worth reaching out to and see if they offer lessons.  I’m in the Houston area and had a lesson from a S1 driver and it was some of the best money I’ve ever spent on karting.  If Houston is too far, give Dallas Karting Complex and/or Oklahoma Motorsports Complex a call to see if they can help you.

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    David Cole
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    Jim Derrig

    If you want to visit the Pacific Northwest:



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    Scott Harmon

    I like the Alan Rudolph option shown above.  He ran the Bondurant school for years and is a respected instructor/racer as well as an all around good guy.  We are planning on heading his way this year.

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    Luke Jalbert

    I’ve been talking to Alan Rudolph, either to get into one of his schools as soon as it opens up, or bring him or someone he recommends to our track.

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    Rob Howden

    I’ve been talking to Alan Rudolph, either to get into one of his schools as soon as it opens up, or bring him or someone he recommends to our track.

    You simply could not do better than a one-on-one with Alan Rudolph. As suggested, trekking up to Sumas, WA and SIMA Raceway to get a day with Michael Valiante and Remo Ruscitti would be on my wish list too.

    Rob Howden - eKartingNews.com Publisher / Editor - @RobHowden

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    Willy Renella

    Check out Andersen Racing http://www.andersenracepark.com/Home.aspx


    BC Racing NA

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    andy graham

    OGP (Ocala Gran Prix) has some of the best coaching in the world, just take a look at their results and the drivers they’ve developed over the years — consistent champions for years.  They’re normally booked for training, but if you can fit into their schedule, you wont regret it.  Best money spent in karting is seat time and quality coaching…..and tires. ;-)

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    Brock Weiss

    Check out Jay Howard at MDD Karting he is one of the nicest guys in karting and he has a resume that is impressive.

    He runs a program for all kinds of kartsrs at any level and seems to be very successful.

    Check out jayhoward.com


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