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    Aaron Hachmeister

    So when we got into racing, we bought a cheap $60 racing suit that fit me because we weren’t sure if I’d keep racing, but two years into it I still want to race. Our suit is extremely thick and not breathable at all, creating many issues on hot days during the races. We’re ready to get a new suit now, any suggestions on good brands that won’t break the bank? I’d prefer the suit to be a light color as well since I do not handle heat well at times and a lighter suit would help, even marginally

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    Charles Kaneb

    Whatever the local kart shop couldn’t sell this year in your size!

    Comet sold me a really nice Azusa suit for double-digits because it was purple. Not Arrow blue, think Barney…

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      Aaron Hachmeister

      Really? I had an Azusa suit and it was so thick I hated it. I can spend money on a decent suit

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