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      Sander De Baets

      I just wanted to make this post on the new EKN forums :)


      http://www.kartworldchampionship.com/ – KWC is an indoor based rental/hire kart championship that runs on a different track every year.

      (KWC is not affiliated with any internation or national motorsport governing body, a shame if you ask me ;))

      The main people behind the organisation are Poul Hornemann, Diego Morales, John Ahrens, …

      This year’s event was held in Aarhus, Denmark, at the Racehall track (http://racehall.dk/). It’s one of the biggest venues in the world (if not the biggest…), and is thus able to provide a nice wide track with overtaking possibilities. They race 13hp 390cc karts.

      The KWC is gaining popularity each year (first edition was 2005), and this year even some well known drivers from outside of the indoor/sport karting community signed up.

      Amongst them ex F1-driver and GP2-champion Giorgio Pantano, Brandon Maïsano (Formula Abart, Ferrari Driver Academy), and the likes of (maybe a bit lesser known outside of the karting community) Benjamin Bailly, Jean-Philippe Guignet, Mikkel Jensen, Leo Roussel, Julien Rabinau, …

      (Racehall also hosts an event called ‘Racehall of Champions’ in December each year, where even more international motorsports and karting stars participate.)

      And ofcourse the very top drivers of the indoor/sport karting community; Mathias Grooten, Robin Borremans, Gregory Laporte (all 3 ex-worldchampions), Ruben Boutens (multiple podiums past years), Corné Snoep, …


      USA only had 1 driver participating this year; Jerrot King.


      After 5 days of close racing Robin Borremans was able to crown himself as world champion again after last year in Essen, Germany.

      KWC 2013

      After an intense week-long battle between the front running drivers,

      Belgian driver Robin Borremans was able to fight off the best indoor

      kart drivers on the planet to become only the second two-time KWC

      Kart World Champion in history.


      In an incredibly tense and action packed final race, where strategy

      became a crucial element, Danish driver Jannick Nielsen finished in first

      place. However, the real battle was between Portugese driver Filipe

      Viera and Robin Borremans, front runners all week, with Borremans

      eventually scoring highly enough to win the title by just a single point.


      Former World Champion Mathias Grooten secured the third spot on the



      (The current ‘full results’ published on the KWC site isn’t correct, somehow the sorting got screwed up. You should regard the last column.)



      If anyone has questions about this event (or anything, really), shoot! I’m happy to answer.

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      David Cole

      Indoor Karting is awesome, and a great alternative within the sport of karting and racing in general.

      Where did Jerrot King finish?

      David Cole - EKN Managing Editor

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      Sander De Baets

      Jerrot had some scrappy races this year I think. The karts and track didn’t really suit his style as well, he told me.

      Full results can be found here; http://www.indoorkart.org/results.asp (sorting seems to be fixed again).

      As you can see, eventually Jerrot finished P55, with only 1 or 2 heats of training. One place ahead of me ;)
      In the past few years he managed to finish a bit higher. Other USA drivers that participated in the past years are Jon Kimbrell, Miles Calvin, Logan Calvin, …


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