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      Richard Kirlin

      has anyone tested these yet, how are they compared to mg yellow?

      Race season is only few months away and I need to know if they hold up better than mg yellows or close to it.

      ordering about 40 sets and don’t want to make a huge mistake if they no good for road racing?


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      Craig Drabik

      I have not yet run them, but some fellow F-Series racers have.  We’ll be switching to them this year in the F-Series.  From what I’ve heard they are much more durable than the MGs and about the same lap time.

      F-Series kicks off in Mooresville next weekend.  If the rain holds off I’ll have some first-hand experience with them then.

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      TJ Koyen

      Depends on which compound they are using. I tested the Le Conts last year against MGs. Much more durable, but about 1.5 second a lap slower at MRP.

      Very consistent though. From new to used, they dropped off about a tenth. Couldn’t get them to overheat when we kept the pressures within the manufacturers recommendations.

      For a sprint race, I would say they were too hard for a TaG kart, but not sure on road racing. They were really good for a Yamaha sprint kart.

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      Mike Rivera

      Hey guys I have tested multiple sets and multiple compounds of the LeContTire. In a shifter kart I laid down roughly a thousand laps at multiple tracks the data has been very consistent. In every test the LeConte is about three tenths slower than an mg yellow. In a 150 lab test at a 40 second sprint track the tire stayed within three tenths the entire day. They are definitely way more durable and consistent than any Tire I’ve ever ran. This weekend I am at the F series I will have some real data to see what they do under race conditions. It’s going to be interesting to see what these tires do when the track rubbers up. Also will probably have about two hundred guys running them I’ll grab some input let you know what they think .


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      Craig Drabik

      In the F125 class at least Mike’s testing holds up.  Times were maybe a couple tenths off of last year, but only dropped a few tenths from qualifying until the end of the race.  I ran my fastest lap on lap 7 of the final heat with something like 35 laps on the tires between qualifying and the three heats.  The yellows were down about a second last year.

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      Monroe Jordan
      Reflecting on last weekends race at GoPro Motoplex for the Gearup F-Series event, I couldn’t be happier with my first impressions racing on the LeCont Tires. As you know, they’re New to North America in 2017. The guys from LeCont really pushed the envelope to infiltrate a revolutionary new tire in to the Karting scene, and it’s clear that their efforts to help grow the sport are directly reflected in the tire itself.
      The LeCont white compound was the tire of choice for the shifter and TaG classes. Driving them for the first time with zero testing on them felt very comfortable and I was able to push right away. What stood out to me the most was the sheer consistency of the tire accompanied with tons of grip. Lap times were just as quick as last year’s MG, maybe a few tenths slower, and yet tire degradation seemed to be cut in half. Lap times stayed consistent throughout the day and I can ensure you I’ll be competing with this same set for next weekends race.
      On top of it all having the guys from WR Motorsports, who were up until last year the North American distributor of MG tire for decades, come out to the race and provide hands on support sealed the deal why LeCont I personally think will be the tire of the future. They’re such great guys and have so much passion to grow the sport, and it all starts with right tires.
      Hope this helped.
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      Mike Rivera

      Hey guys just a follow-up on this past weekend a GoPro. My opinion is the tire was a huge success. Again for me the tire was within three tenths all weekend. Although we do have a slight learning curve on tire pressures some guys were contemplating scrubbing in a set of tires for qualifying. Not too sure anyone really had a big enough set to try that though. Hopefully more will see  this and voice their opinion. Thank you WR Motorsports for your support and commitment to karting


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