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      Tom Varner

      Seeing ads for kart telemetry – transmit data real time to a laptop –

      this should be banned by all Karting associations – just escalates the cost for all competitors for no good reason – radio communication is currently prohibited – so why this – wondering why kart counts are down at races – look no further than runaway rules- new tires each day, ect – I know a lot of decisions are so the sponsors can sell more product and make more money – but if racers can’t afford to race then how much will they sell –

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      tony zambos

      I see no reason to ban it. It should be transparent to the driver and cause no driver distractions. If it’s a good idea, it will succeed. Popularity should drive down the price. If not, it will die away on its own. Personally, I can see much need for it. The best data collection device in a kart is the driver and you’ll have to wait until he/she hits the pits. About the only thing I can think that could be a benefit is the pc will know if you missed the gearing and the crew could have the new gear in hand when the kart comes off the track. But I’d rather be watching the race rather than farting around with a pc.

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      brian downing

      Could you please submit a link to one of those ads? I think real-time telemetry would be outstanding!

      It’s not required, but not having it simply slows down the process of waiting til the end of a race, downloading data, examining the data and trying to make adjustments (possibly) based on the data.

      Presently the USB data key is a major hassle. I have to other work to do like check chain, adjust chassis, change axles, etc. No time to play with PC.

      All I really want is the wireless, real-time to the PC so I don’t have to connect the kart to the PC. Then, I can look at the data during the race and plan any adjustments I foresee, pending confirmation with driver.

      This is the future of all motor sports, right down to karting.

      If you want to blame anything for the rising costs of karting, blame Rotax and TaG.
      As well as all the class incompatibilities. If you want to run in more than one series, there’s a very good chance you need more than one motor.


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      Tim Koyen

      FWIW…this is already illegal in many orgs, including WKA & USPKS.

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        Tom Varner

        Oh – good – no worries then – reason has prevailed

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      Jim Maier

      Where do you see that it is illegal in WKA and uspks?  I don’t doubt you, just want to see it with my own eyes. The WKA manual also says data acquisition is illegal for kid karts but everybody does it anyway.

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      Clark Hadden

      The live timing part of the kit can be disabled, and removed from the kart, so it will be legal during official sessions.  You will have to wait to download in the pits.

      This was developed by a smart group who had a lot of racing input.

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        Tom Varner

        Too much technology is what has made F1 so expensive and basically a parade – no real racing or passing goes on – the cars go fast and are cool but they rarely pass or race each other – and now they face a dwindling audience – technology has taken the driver out of the equation – Indy car is not as bad as F1 but why do you think they have trouble getting 33 cars for the 500 ? it is all
        becoming cost prohibitive – Racing should be fundamentally about driving – if you want the super technology join the space program

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      TJ Koyen

      In my opinion, it’s against the very fabric and basis of what karting should be.

      You should never need computers to set your kart up. Unless of course you are talking about referencing the forums here for setup advice.

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      Aaron Abed

      In the WKA Technical Manual it’s in section 211.5.   ……..”Telemetry is not allowed; data can only be downloaded once the kart is off the racing surface and stationary”

      USPKS Rulebook “Any telemetry, other sensors or inputs shall be disconnected while kart is on track. Data downloading can only be done in the pit area.”



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      Walt Gifford

      It doesn’t matter what data you have if you don’t know what to do with it.

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