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      Andrew Byrne

      I’m looking for any advice anyone may have for shipping a complete kart package.  I currently have an X30 Italkart up for sale but I don’t have any knowledge for shipment.  I live on Vancouver island in Canada if that helps.  Thanks

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      I don’t know how it works in Canada, but here in the USA, I have shipped many karts using FASTENAL, GreyHound, Iship.com, Uship.com, etc.

      Very simple, Just strap the kart to a 6×6 wooden pallet, then build a create around it so that it’s all protected. Then drop it off at the nearest terminal. I don’t know how the customs work for you, but if this shipping is locally in Canada, then it should be easier.

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      brian downing

      I had a new kart shipped, was one of the std freight haulers, they don’t ship door to door, have to drop off and pick up from one of their centers.

      Pallet is required as most packages are lifted by forklift, wood box around isn’t necessary, can make it out of cardboard, but you need to protect kart in the event cargo is stacked and something is put on top of it.

      My steering wheel was crushed because we didn’t have enough topside protection. One could also remove wheel before crating.

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