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      Ryan Ouellette

      Not sure if this is the best forum for this but, I am looking to get a couple baby karts and a kart stand shipped.  I am located in NH.  The 2 karts are in Marana, AZ (between Phoenix and Tucson).  Does anyone know how to get these shipped at a reasonable price.  I am getting quotes from $600-$4200.  I can have the items delivered to a shop or shipping terminal if necessary.  They can be delivered to a business with loading/unloading dock and equipment.  Please email me at rjtkarting@gmail.com.

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      That’s crazy!

      Try Fastenal, just pallet them, crate around them, wrap them up

      They will ship the whole thing to the nearest Fastenal store to you for probably less than $300 bucks. And if that’s too much, then try Greyhound bus station, they may do it for $100 bucks a piece.

      Good luck to ya’. And hope this helps. FastFreddy.

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      Eric Stevens

      Strap them to a pallet and you can buy larger pallets than the standard also. and then use uship.com or freightquote.com and list them as used commercial merchandise.

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