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      Chris Barrington

      I got tired of storing my kart on top of my race car (first world problems…), so I picked up a 7×7 Rubbermaid shed from Home Depot and installed a hoist to get the kart off the stand and onto the ground, or my trailer.

      Here’s the shed.  $650 now at Home Depot, but I got lucky I guess and paid $500 for mine.

      I installed it on a 2×4 frame I constructed, which added another $180 or so in materials.

      Once setup, I added a 2×4 frame on two sides (front and back) which allowed me to run a 1.5″ piece of conduit from from one frame to the other, which I hung a 440lb capacity hoist (from Harbor Freight) from.  This allowed me to place the hoist exactly where I needed it to lift the kart.


      All in all, less than $1000 and I don’t have to bother my neighbor anymore to help me load my kart on and off my trailer.

      Here’s video of the hoist in action.  I was still playing with straps and placement.



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      Spencer Uzri

      Have any pics of the kart suspended on the hoist setup?

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      Chris Barrington

      Not the best, but here you go:

      (pardon the junk…surprise rain storm prompted some creative storage…)

      The straps look super sloppy, but they are plenty stable.  I leave it lowered on the stand, so I only have it in the air for a minute or so.

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