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      Linda Baldus

      Hope everyone is getting their equipment ready for the next KART MARRS’ event @ the newly repaved Hallett. From what we have been hearing people are pretty excited to hit this track. Remember it’s clockwise. See you there.

      Keep on kartin'. llb
      Raymore, MO

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      Kelly Read

      THANKS MOM for getting this event posted.  You got up earlier then me!!!!   LOL

      Some information:

      1) If you are interested and willing to commit to a paid practice on Friday, let me know by text or call (316-218-3645) ASAP as I need to know by August 4th. As of now, it would cost $150.00 per driver up to 20 drivers. If more commit, price will drop. I have a racer willing to put up the money BUT, only if there are enough drivers committed.

      2) Race fuel is available. They have Sunoco purple 110 and 104 GT plus (which I believe doesn’t pass but we will test it when we get there). Sam Lindhardt does carry some VP110 but if you are interested in it, let me know so he can bring xtra.

      3) Car ports: Cost is $80.00 for  1/2 or $160.00 for the whole port for the weekend. Contact Connie at (connie@hallettracing.net or 918-585-1900. If you can’t get a hold of her, contact myself at my number above. You can see the layout on there web site (www.hallettracing.net). FYI:  1-4, 5/6, 11-16, 21/22 are taken.

      4) Entry form and event schedule is on the KART web (www.kart.org). NOTE: We have added Sprint Tag Sr. to races 1 & 6, Sprint Chonda to races 3 & 8. These will not show up on the schedule as it has already been posted.

      Got a question, contact myself at the above number or Maysha at the KART office (918-283-1877)

      Hope to see you all there.

      THE MAN

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      Sheldon Birmingham

      I was told no Fri. practice. We’ve tried to put this together in previous years & it just hasn’t worked out.


      I have talked to people who have been to various events & have heard the paving job is nice.


      Hallett is a treasure. I hope their efforts to make the improvements are rewarded with great participation.


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        Kelly Read


        Like most of those who have/do run KART/MARRS say, ” why pay more and wear equipment out when our organization gives us plenty of practice each race day”. I can’t dispute this!!!!!!!

        MT POCKETS has all 5 karts done and trailer is loaded!!!! Sure made it easy on me only having to get 3 completely ready and change gears on the other 2.

        Bad thing here is that now I have plenty of time to do the remodeling we have talked about doing.  UGH!!!

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          Kelly Read


          See other HALLETT forum for other details thatt are not on this one. Not sure how we got two started at the same time but I want everyone to know we have posted items on the other post also.  SORRY!!!!

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