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      Dan Haynes

      Selling off  the rest of our stuff.

      Kartlift Pro stand. good condition. $200 NO SHIPPING

      Turbo Tire tire removal tool. Must have tool. $125

      Arrow Race suit. red, white, and blue style. Size 56 $150

      Brand new Leopard radiator. brackets included. No nuts, bolts, etc. $100

      25 gear gear rack. $15

      EDIT: added the following:

      tire rack for trailer. 2 sets (4 plates, conduit tubing, and clips. enough to hold about 16 tires. $25

      aluminum ramps. originally were wheelchair ramps for motorized scooter. $500 new. sell for $200. NO SHIPPING

      scale stands. $150. NO SHIPPING


      Pics available upon request. Everything in good shape.

      we have a lot of other smaller items. will update as i go through it.

      Located near Beaverun (Pitt Race Karting) in western PA. willing to meet up within reasonable distance

      ***Do not PM me here. I do not frequent ekartingnews anymore so won’t likely see it.***


      Dan Haynes
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