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      Max Wood

      This is a very nice custom combination inertia/hydraulic dyno. The inertia wheel is extremely well balanced and runs very smooth. It was precision cut and Blanchard ground.

      The hydraulic dyno can be used to dyno or break in 4-cycle engines using it’s vibration free mount. The pump portion of the hydraulic dyno can also be mounted to the inertia wheel shaft to add load.

      The dyno includes a Toolmaker designed/built custom overrun clutch integrated into the axle shaft. I have 2 spare overrun clutches that are included, but have not been needed. These clutches are very smooth, quiet and lock up solid.

      Performance Trends electronics and the professional version of their software is included. This includes the additional 2 input temperature sensor module that allows you to graph EFT and CHT in addition to HP/Torque. Learn more about Performance Trends at their website. http://performancetrends.com/dtm-dyno.htm

      The 4-cycle & 2-cycle engine mounts as well as the fuel tank are included. I can work a computer into a deal if needed.

      I used the Dyno for 4 cycle Briggs and Clones, Comer C50, Yamaha KT100s and higher HP 2-cycle engines. I know this dyno will work with 50cc to 125cc TaG engines. I expect it will work for higher HP engines as the wheel is balanced well, gearing is adjustable and the hydraulic pump can be used for additional resistance. It is great for setting clutches as well as tuning engines. You can graph clutch engagement by RPM and ensure you are ready to go prior to hitting the track.

      A Dyno is a great investment that holds it’s value. This is the single best tool I’ve had for karting as it’ll tell you what works and what doesn’t. Use your Kart’s Data Acquisition (Mychron) information to help tune your engine power to match tracks.

      Photos can be found here -> https://photos.app.goo.gl/eUxnjM6YJRX8U7vu8

      Located in Rochester, NY Area. I prefer local pickup due to weight. I could deliver or meet part way. Travel/Hotel cost could be additional depending on distance.

      Contact: mwood AT rochester.rr.com


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