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    Daniel Gwaltney

    I have a kart frame I bought off of craigslist for $75. I am uncertain of the make/model or the year of the kart. I’ve looked at many pictures and seen similar karts but nothing that looked exactly like the one I have. If I remember correctly all of the hardware is metric and the axle that came off when I got it was roughly 25mm. If anyone has any information about this kart it would be greatly appreciated.


    The master cylinder that came off the frame says Hurst Airheart

    Here are some other pictures of it: Kart Photos

    Edit: I found out through another forum that this chassis is either a Zip Bluestreak or a Zip Shadow. I contacted Zip Kart and they said it looked like a shadow frame with modifications not done by Zip Kart. They estimate between a 1977 and 1980.

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    Ross Karlsson

    With the shifter mount and front axle beam for front brakes it could be a Zip GP circa 1978/79

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    Walt Gifford

    Throw that brake system as far into the woods as you can.


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