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      Danee Popovski

      So I’m looking into buying this kart as a project but cant seem to find any marks on it what so ever ANYWHERE. The owner seems top think its a Margay Chassis but again we cant find any numbers on it anywhere. I looked on Margays website at where these numbers or marks would be and there is none… Anyone have any idea??? I just want to be sure that for a starter kart we will be able to get the main parts if need be and we are starting with something that isnt from the stone age! Thanks

       photo IMG952740_zpscba7d60a.jpg

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      John DaCosta


      Unless the kart is nearly free and I mean like less than 100 bucks I wouldn’t do it. Not saying you can’t get it running and race with it but it will cost you more in the long run.

      Based on the pic it does look like it could be a Margay of the late 90’s however Margays didn’t come in green. Things like wheels, hubs, front and rear bumpers are things you’ll need to “update”. That’s without looking at the mechanics of it, bearings, brakes, seat. All that stuff will add up.

      I would steer away from it.

      Let me know if you have any specific questions, I’ll be glad to help. Where are you located?



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      Danee Popovski

      I am from Emmett MI. Its about 40 milles north of Detroit.


      The guy is wanting 400.00 for the Kart as you see it in the pics.

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