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      Mike Clark

      Does anyone have recommendations for kart covers.

      I need 2-5 total.

      What we have are karts in a rack that is indoors in a warehouse type of environment. The rack has 6 openings we put karts in on pallets with a fork lift. What I am looking for is to be able to protect a cleaned kart. I did have one cover that came with a kart, but it is old dry rotted and ripped easily yesterday.

      Waterproof would be nice.




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      Jeff Wesell

      I’m Happy with my Racewear (brand) Kart Cover.  A fair amount of EKN supporting shops carry them.  These have kept my karts clean and dry.  The elastic bottom fits well and we’ve not had any problems with them coming off in typical environments.

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      Curtis Cooksey

      We sell 3 different brands from $45 to $55. The biggest difference is appearance. http://www.accelerationkarting.com/kartaccessories.aspx

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      Keith Buffo

      I agree with Jeff. Raceware is literally the only cover I’ve put on a kart that actually fits without precise positioning or yanking with all your might. That plus quality materials and assembly kept it in use for a long time… two karts ago to be exact.

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      Walt Gifford

      get some tarps from harbor freight.

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      Rob Kozakowski

      They’re bigger, and definitely not as “pretty” or form-fitting (which can be a benefit because you don’t have to align things perfectly, etc), but you can find small atv covers (the bigger ones are “too” loose) at places like Walmart for a lot less money than kart covers.

      They have enough elastic that they won’t fall off (shove some of the “excess” under the tires for better cover, and less slop/bulkiness), and unlike a tarp (which I’ve used before and is a pain), you don’t have to devise other ways to secure things so it doesn’t fall off.

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      Brian Thomas


      we make custom kart covers .

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