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      How do you clean your kart after a long day at the track? Mine is pretty dirty from the first day out (maybe it has something to do with a couple off-road adventures). I want to get it nice and cleaned up before the next time I go out, which might be at least 2-3 more weeks due to rib issues. I tried to do some searching for guides, but wasn’t having much luck. Any feedback or links to some tried & true methods would be greatly appreciated!

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      tony zambos

      If you have a source of compressed air, blow all the loose stuff off the kart. Stray it down with WD-40, then wiipe the kart down with 409, Simple Green or similar cleaner.

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      I agree with Tony except for a few words of caution. Simple green (and many other cleaners) are hard on aluminum parts. They will corrode/discolor that shiny aluminum.

      Also, be careful with your bodywork. Some household cleaners will dull/haze that plastic, as well. Nothing like starting with black plastic and ending with grey…. or worse, starting with Red and ending with pink.

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      Rodney Ebersole

      I use one of these with solvent http://www.harborfreight.com/engine-cleaning-gun-68290.html and rag it down.

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        Chris Helps

        Are there any environmentally-friendly cleaners which are safe to use on the bodywork and aluminum?

        I’ve been using PL-50 instead of WD40 – pricey, but I dislike the WD40 smell.

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      Tim Koyen

      I flush the bearings, gears, engine, and rotating things with starting fluid.  Wipe everything else down with WD40.  Avoid brake cleaner on anything powder coated.

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      Dennis Chappell

      Try Pro Honda spray cleaner & polisher or Original Bike Spirits spray cleaner & polisher on the body work and chrome it works grate. Bikers us it cuse it works. WD-40 the frame and motor than when your done hit whole kart with one of these, kart will look new.

      Works great on all ATV, snowmobiles or anything like this. Also works for removing tar from along the bottom of your auto.

      Can be found at any bike,ATV, or snowmobile shops.


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      Do you normally have to do any disassembly of the kart before spraying things down or leave things assembled and cover certain specific areas/parts?

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      Brock Weiss

      I use mineral spirits and it works awesome then spray everything down with WD 40 to give it a shine

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      Rod Hawkins

      For some magnesium wheels for some reason wd40 doesn’t work well at all, but simple green works like magic.

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      brian downing

      I use lots of brake cleaner; I buy it by the case when it’s on sale.
      Careful of paint though, don’t let it sit long on painted surfaces.
      Kerosene, isopropyl alcohol, camp fuel, all have a low flash point and are good at loosening greasy build up. Get a good stiff brush (home depot paint dept) to help scrub with kerosene. NEVER USE WATER! No where, no place, nada!

      Buy bags of microfibre cloths from your local costco, sams club, etc.
      Wipe and clean. As you go you should be inspecting for loose parts, nuts, bolt, cracks, etc. I disassemble to a reasonable point, clean and reassemble nearly after every race weekend.

      It’s a good way to catch problems early and get to know how the kart looks when everything is in its place. It makes it much easier to spot issues once you’ve come to know your vehicle centimeter by centimeter.
      BTW: This can work well on the spouse too.

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      Mark Erpelding

      Nothing beats Boss CPS by Wayne Products Ft Wayne Indiana…   Safe on paint , plastic, decals….

      The Best by far….  Can be bought from Comet…

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      Howie Idelson

      I just bought the new Molecule kart cleaner. I don’t think I will be using any other product from now on.

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      baruch fishman

      Can you power wash the kart and dry it quick ? or this a bad idea?

      will the water effect all the bearing on the kart?

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      Ted Hamilton

      I would never powerwash a kart, or any other vehicle, though it seems popular with dirtbikes.  Hi pressure water into bearings, and other quasi sealed areas seems like a bad idea.

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      Mark Parker

      Blast it with mineral spirits with a liquid media blaster compressor tip ($15) and hose setup off of amazon

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      Matthew Tangeman

      I use WD40 first on everything, brush as needed, then for bodywork dampen a blue towel or microfiber towel with denatured alcohol to get to grease free and clean.  If you need to fasten new stickers at this point you are good to go.



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