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      Mike Clark

      I cut the outer cable housing with an abrasive wheel. I put the abrasive wheel in a drill press with the cable in a drill press vice, that way the cable is held short and flexes very little. The cut is very square and safe.

      How are the inner throttle cables cut to length so as to prevent fraying? Other than not cutting them do I have any options? The cable as it comes has a nice little weld of some type on the end.

      Also do y’all lube the cable or not? Right or wrong it was done on dirt bikes. Generally I see lube as a good thing until it starts attracting and holding dirt. Most seem to not use any lube.

      Thanks in advance!

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      John Mulvihill

      I work on both US and foreign karts.

      American cable housings (3/16ths nylon tubing), I slice with a single edge razor.  The foreign (bicycle cables) I cut with an extremely good pair of side cutters (Channel brand) which cut cleanly and I then force a pointed scribe into the end, so there is no binding.

      The inner cable gets cut with the side cutter and the end gets soldered about 3/8ths inch before it frays.  Solder then cut might work better.

      Fill the tubing with TriFlow (Teflon lube) before inserting the inner cable.



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      Gary Lawson

      Knipex side cutters are the best I’ve ever used. Can cut thick brake cables with little effort and doesn’t fray. Otherwise cutting the cable with a torch will leave that little bead on the end or you can use solder on it. I just drill a little hole in the bumper if their isn’t one and run the excess in there.

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      Samir Shah

      I use bike cable housing cutters. Tons of choices on Amazon, but if you’re not sure Jagwire always makes good stuff.

      For housing, REI sells very good stuff in bulk at a reasonable price.


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      bo rougeou

      Motion Pro makes a cable ‘luber’ so you can spray the lube into the tube.  I just stick the red straw device into the end of the cable holder and squirt.

      Heat shrink tubing is a good way to keep the fraying down.  Solder is better

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      Brad Alan

      Wrap the cable with electrical tape where you need to cut (wrap it 7-8 times).  Cut with a decent side cutter thru the electrical tape… no fraying.

      I just learned this last year by watching someone else do it… Works great, wish I would’ve learned this years ago.



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