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      Kol Bailey


      We have a few items for sale.

      First, a 2012 Rotax Sr. Max Motor. This was orignally built by HRS in the UK, and is a very fast motor. It came from the FWT and was one of EJ Viso’s motor’s. It comes with the battery sytem, radiator, airbox and  holeshot carb, exhaust, the complete kit. Asking $1000.

      A few sets of Intrepid Magnesium wheels with Mojo tires. (We will throw in the tires for free). $50 per wheel.

      Two Yamaha KT100 Motors, $200 each.

      A 2009 Intrepid Cruiser. We can do one of two things: Sell it as a roller for $800, or sell it with a KT100 motor for $900.

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      Bill Angel


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