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      Cris Schureman

      I have heard that K1 is not going to be the CRG importer any longer. Anyone else heard this? If it is true I guess the silly season started pretty early this year.

      Also heard that a former importer is taking the deal on and it is not PSL.

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      Walt Gifford

      Who cares I drive Margay made in USA.


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      Eric Stevens
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      TJ Koyen

      Who cares I drive Margay made in USA.

      I would imagine most of K1’s customers would care, as well as anyone driving a CRG.

      Why comment if you don’t care?

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      Roger Ruthhart

      I don’t know anything about silly season, but I don know Ron White and his family are class act. Drivers can learn a lot under his tent!

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      Cris Schureman

      LOL “who cares”.  Probably a couple of dozen dealers in North America for starters. Add to that a couple of hundred people who own a CRG kart.

      CRG will probably follow the OTK model. Factory owned inventory stored and distributed out of a warehouse direct to dealers. Partner up with someone that has experience to manage it. CRG captures the importer margin and all the dealers pay the same price. To the racer- probably harder to get a “deal”.

      It is no secret that CRG’s market share eroded substantially after they pulled the plug on PSL.  I understand PSL’s biz has grown  this year with Birel. It is also no secret that CRG dealers are having a problem getting the parts they need in a timely manner under the current arrangement.




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      Tim Koyen

      According to the EKN article linked above, Ron White is providing trackside support for the racers, but CRG Nations, which appears to still be K1, is still the importer.

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      Cris Schureman

      RW is probably (my opinion) a stop gap and agreed to by more than just K1.

      Total speculation until something solid is announced.

      I do believe that CRG is making a major change. If this change happens and it improves parts availability and timely shipments it will be good.  I was asking if anyone else has heard anything- I guess not.

      Maybe Walt’s eloquent response is the best “who cares”.

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      Stacey Cook

      Chris is correct, CRG has decided to open a warehouse in the U.S. which means they will not need an importer. Same concept as Tony Kart.

      CRG USA will be making an official announcement soon of our plans for the future.

      Thank you to all the great CRG customers and dealers that we have had the pleasure of dealing with the  past 4 years, Lots of great friends and lot’s of great memories.

      Take care,

      Stacey Cook
      CRG USA

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      Cris Schureman


      There you have it.  Thanks Stacey.

      Can’t imagine what CRG was thinking in the first place when they canned the PSL / CRG USA model.  By my estimation it was the most successful deal they had going globally.  Now PSL is selling more Birel product than anticipated and it sounds like CRG-USA will soon be Brand X-USA.

      That worked out well……………………..

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