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      Ace Rossi

      Running in 95+* weather in Florida just like anywhere else that is hot and humid, I’m curious if anyone has ever used or self made for themselves a cool shirt/suit?

      I’ve kicked the idea around in my mind and feel it can be done without a lot of expense. More work than money but maybe if someone has already done this, they could share what they did!

      My thought is to utilize a water pump to circulate the water thru the lines with easy quick disconnects.

      Hey, don’t bash a guy for thinking! At my age, you gotta keep it working as long as you can, right or wrong, good or bad! :)

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      bo rougeou

      Pegasus makes a shirt with cooling capabilities.

      There is a can of coolant that you can spray through the suit to cool it off.  The can is smaller than a paint can.

      It  works, but it is just one more thing to keep up with.

      We settled on an Under Armour cool shirt






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      Just drive the darn thing! Lol

      We experience 105 to 115 degrees here in Bakersfield California decert

      And also at Button Willow Raceway, along with Willow Springs raceway, and some times is pretty humid.

      Sorry, I’m just feeling smarty today, LOL

      Bo is right, there are a few cooling shirts and underware to keep you cooler to some degree, and it does make a difference, by lowering the temps a bit

      I would try that stuff before I spray anything on my clothes or flesh

      The water system, of liquid cooling system seems a little complicated, and as mentioned previously, it’s just another thing to go wrong with. Fast Freddy.

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      Ted Hamilton

      Cooling your head may be more beneficial than cooling your body, though they’re related… I wonder if you could plumb a righetti ridolfi brake cooler to the inlet on a vented helmet spigot… :)

      2014 Praga Dragon / IAME KA-100

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