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    Luke Betchner

    I don’t like to be the bearer of bad news, but I have never been treated like this in the racing industry before and just thought some of you would like to be informed about an experience…

    I recently bought a new helmet and decided to get it painted…after researching a few people, I decided on Jeff Long (The Image 1) because his work was good, prices were fair, and location was fairly close (Ft. Worth).
    After communicating with Jeff for a few weeks, sending him pictures of ideas, discussing timeline, etc. I sent the helmet to him (March 3). He told me to mail it a week early (before meeting to discuss final design) and he would get started on prep to expedite the process even further.
    He told me multiple times completion could be done in a week, but to give him 2-3 weeks just to be safe.
    Perfect! That was easy, cant wait to get my helmet…….

    Fast forward to April 22, and he has not returned one call, voicemail, text, e-mail, or Facebook message I have left him since March 10. At this point it’s clear he is ignoring all contact but yet has had my Bell for over a month with absolutely no communication.
    I have been extremely professional and respectful during this entire period, always giving him the benefit of the doubt.

    There was an event coming up I needed the helmet for and gave him a 2 ½ week notice, I got a “shoot me an address” back. No apologies, no explanation, nothing. Fast forward to the April 27 and still no helmet. Pretty sad that I’ve expressed the need for my lid multiple times yet still he really doesn’t seem to care.

    At this point I lost my patience and told him I wanted a response within the next 24 hours and for the helmet to be shipped back to me. To no surprise, I never got a reply.
    I can understand deadlines can get pushed back, things happen, but complete lack of communication for this amount of time is very unprofessional/disrespectful and a great way to piss off customers. As said earlier, I did my research and most of the reviews I came across were all good. Unfortunately mine was the complete opposite.

    If you are looking for someone who treats you with respect and has some integrity, stay away from Jeff Long. Hopefully this doesn’t sound like a rant, just trying be honest about my experience and save others the trouble.

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    michael smith

    maybe pay him a visit if he is close?

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